Past projects

1. UBM Feed Románia - feed mill

On 10 May 2019 one of the largest independent feed mill was inaugurated in Sânpaul, Mures-County, Romania. Sânpaul – as a dominant exporter of this region– serves the needs of both domestic and international markets.


With the cooperation of three investors – UBM Group, East Group and UBM Feed Romania Srl (owned by Opera Avicom) – an investment worth 15 million euros was came into being and later on it was carried out with the help ABRAZIV Ltd, who in this project took part in as main constructor.

The main aim of the investors was: to realize in Romania one of the most modern, well-equipped feed-mill that is located in Europe. This feed-mill, with the capacity of 30 tonnes/hour and 220.000 tonnes/year is well capable to serve the needs of this region with high-quality product and without any difficulties.

As a result of this world-class investment, this feed-mill - one of the biggest in Romania - will play an important role in the regional agricultural sector. As well as, being an example and this project serves as a starting point for reviving the Hungarian-Romanian economic cooperations.

2. WEB TOUR in Gyermelyi's feed mill plant

Take a walk around, online, in a feed mill plant, designed by our company.



As a collaboration between ABRAZIV Ltd and Gyermelyi Group a project - worth 2 billion HUF and fully own contributed by Gyermelyi Group – was finished in 2017.

Within the project framework a new feed plant, equipped with the most up-to-date automatized technologies, was built and has started working in Gyermely.


A special focus was put on the development of applied technology and quality management system, as the major part of the earned profit will be continuously invested back to this area.

The new plant with bigger capacity will serve out the nutritional needs of 540 thousand laying hens, and also will create the opportunity to the already planned expansion of egg production. To this point half of the annual 140 million egg was sold as eggs in shells, and the other half is used as fresh egg in the pasta factory.

3. UBM premix manufacturing plant in Környe

UBM Group’s new project related to the premix manufacturing plant located in Környe in the county of Komárom-Esztergom, fitted with the latest technological innovations, has been realized in cooperation with the milling-experts of Abraziv Ltd. The new plant was handed over on the 28th of April during a ceremony.


The most updated technological solutions make possible to produce tailor-made and customer-specified formulas out of controlled raw materials for all farm animal species. This provides a significant competitive advantage in the fight to provide quality services for livestock farmers in Hungary.

The closed bar-code system ensures full tracking and tracing ability to meet all the requirements of accelerated modernization. The result is 5 tons/hour of high-quality premixes produced with the labour work of 6 skilled people only at once.


4. UBM feed mill plant in Szeleste

Abrasive Ltd. believes that it is important: to undertake a significant role in developing the technological level of the feed industry. We did the tailor made design of the entire plant according to the customer needs. All machinery was manufactured by us, we did detailed project management and handed over the facility complete with proper test runs and with all the local permit requirements. The plant was handed over in October 2015, on Szeleste.

This project is one of the most modern agricultural development investment in Hungary. The most modern feed mill plant in the Region of Transdanubia/Western-Hungary is able to product an annual level of 168 thousand tons of feed, standard is correspond to the QS accredited quality system.



HUNLAND's feed mill plant in Bugyi, fitted with the latest technological innovations, has been realized in cooperation with the milling-experts of Abraziv Ltd.

HUNLAND is a company that specializes in importing and exporting livestock. As market leader in cattle trade, we guarantee quality and service. It’s global network enables us to promptly meet any demand.




6. MA-KA's feed mill plant in Szentes

We are proud to have been able to design and construct "the most modern feed mill plant in the region to date", which was awarded the Grand Prix for Hungarian Animal Husbandry in 2014.

Laying the foundation stone of MA-KA's feed mill plant in Szentes



7. KSE as Cooperation Partner of ABRAZIV Ltd.

KSE's mission is using and sharing process knowledge and process technology, so their customers in the powder and granulates processing industry can produce high quality products on a safe, efficient and responsible manner for the environment of humans and animals.

UBM Premix manufacturing plant uses PROMAS ALFRA dosing and weighing systems for producing premixes.



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